2024 January Malaysia Ecommerce Scene

Apologies for the delay in the January Report. We’ve been navigating some changes, particularly with one of our partners’ platforms, which has undergone significant improvements to enhance user experience.

Shopee has extended its drop following the Year End Sales to RM1.82b. However, certain categories still enjoy the seasonal sales spike, mitigating the overall decline. We anticipate a further decrease in sales for February due to the Long Holiday and shorter month span.

Regarding TikTok’s January sales, there have been adjustments in how data companies share information. Monthly data is now only available upon request, with Malaysia total sales drop to RM723 million. With both platforms showing signs of weakness, this would suggest that potential revenue growth may only begin in March and April, coinciding with the Raya Sales period.

In other news, Kalodata has introduced several updates. They’ve implemented a search query feature, allowing users to access the information they need directly.

Additionally, their filter options have been greatly enhanced, enabling users to sort data by revenue or growth rate. These improvements are poised to significantly streamline the process of finding relevant product information, ultimately saving users time and facilitating more informed decisions for Raya sales.

Hope this will help everyone for your raya sales and see you all very soon after the recent CNY bleak result.

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