Navigating Shopee and TikTok: A Data-Driven Perspective

Amid the buzz surrounding Shopee’s marketplace prowess and TikTok’s social influence, it’s crucial to understand their standing. Shopee thrives as a marketplace platform, while TikTok is a social platform. Yet, both are now engaged in a fierce competition: Shopee with its robust Shopee Live incentives to counter Tiktok evergrowing shoppertainment, while TikTok now retaliate with a 0% commission for marketplace sales.

Shopee: The Marketplace Marvel

Over the past month, Shopee Malaysia has undoubtedly wielded its marketplace magic, with sales ringing in at an impressive RM1.55 billion. However, let’s exercise caution by considering potential anomalies like free gift sales. A more prudent estimate puts the figure at RM1.47 billion. This statistical data is enabled by MobDuos, a Shopee big data analyzer. It not only uncovers trends and buzzworthy keywords but also unveils competitor insights and ad strategies. For a firsthand experience, you can enjoy 24 hours of free exploration by registering here.

TikTok: The Surging Star

In the same timeframe, TikTok Malaysia boasts sales around RM586 million—a testament to its growing influence. With a hint of skepticism, we can conservatively adjust this to approximately RM557 million. The insights into this vibrant social commerce realm come courtesy of Kalodata, a TikTok big data analyzer. It guides users in spotting potential affiliates and predicting the next big-selling products. To embark on a 7-day journey of discovery, register here. Get a 10% off by using Tradehub as your referral code.

The Pulse of E-Commerce

As the two titans compete for attention and sales, it’s important to note that Shopee Malaysia’s footprint remains larger. However, TikTok’s rapid ascendancy is intriguing. Historically, Lazada occupied a quarter of Shopee’s sales pie, though we lack concrete data. Tentatively placing Lazada’s share at 25% yields RM367 million—still trailing TikTok’s monthly sales.

A Window Into the Future

To unravel the unfolding narrative, we’ve decided to create a monthly data log on our page. This will offer a clear window into the growth trajectory of each platform. Keep yourself in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter for the freshest insights in the Malaysian e-commerce landscape.

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